Substance Painter for Blender User

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This book explains effectively how to use Substance Painter, what we need for collaboration between Blender and the Substance Painter and how to use textures created by the Substance Painter in the Blender.

Even if you are not Blender user, you can learn how to use the Substance Painter from beginning, so you can learn how to use it smoothly. Also, you can see a series of movies of workflow from modeling, exporting object data from the Blender, creating textures in the Substance Painter, using the textures in Blender and rendering with Cycles engine.

Blender version is 2.78c and Substance Painter version is 2017.1.

Table of Contents;


1.Export/Import Data

 1.1 Export from Blender

 1.2 Import to Substance Painter

 1.3 Attention on material setting for exporting

2.UV Unwrap and Attention

 2.1 Display UV maps of Multiple Objects in Blender

 2.2 How to unwrap multiple objects

3.Basic of the Substance Painter

 3.1 Window layout

 3.2 Basic Operation

4.Preparation for Painting

 4.1 Channel Setting

 4.2 How to set imported textures as additional map

 4.3 How to create additional maps


 5.1 Basic of Painting

 5.2 Various painting techniques

 5.3 Material and Smart Material

 5.4 Import textures or materials

 5.5 Update Resources

6.Painting using a mask

 6.1 Basic of mask

 6.2 Smart Mask

 6.3 Quick Mask

7.Paint using ID map

 7.1 Create ID map in Blender

 7.2 How to create ID map with the Substance Painter

 7.3 Painting using ID map

8.Use Effect

 8.1 When using effects on layers

 8.2 When using effects on mask

9.Export from Substance Painter

 9.1 Making preset for Blender

 9.2 Export

10.How to use in Blender

 10.1 Useful importing method

 10.2 Using textures of Substance Painter

Appendix A. Important knowledge & Tips

Appendix B. Profile of Author

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Substance Painter for Blender User

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